15.03.2021 Dreamteam
Akiane Kramarik

A moving video of Akiane Kramarik’s story about her personal journey beginning with the painting, Prince of Peace, (as seen in Heaven is for Real) through the completion of her newest portrait of Christ.

Secrets of Akiane Kramarik’s Spiritual Journey Revealed
Witness the dramatic story of Akiane Kramarik’s spiritual journey and some of the rarely discussed spiritual battles in her lifelong quest to fulfill the divine commissions, painting the real face of Jesus. Observe the surprising revelations of Akiane Kramarik’s 19-year journey of overcoming darkness as she struggles to be light and bring love into the world through painting her visions of Jesus Christ. Akiane Kramarik describes her purpose in life as God’s Divine Commissions – visions given to her to painting. Paintings and visual messages that are meant to help others see and feel the love of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Akiane Kramarik is a gifted, visionary journalist who has been reporting her visions and messages from heaven since she was eight years old by using a paintbrush and canvas instead of paper and pen – Breaking News and messages from above.
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