World Junior Champion GM Dariusz Swiercz in an interview for
Dariusz Świercz Dariusz Świercz

- Hello Dariusz, congratulations on becoming the World Junior Champion! How does it feel to win such a prestigious title?

- Hello. Thank you very much! It’s a great feeling, I am extremely happy with it.

- Last year the Championship was held in your homeland and you took a bronze medal. What was your ambition before landing in Chennai?

- I came to Chennai with target of winning the Championship. I knew that it will not be an easy task but, as I thought, if I took bronze medal last year, why shouldn’t I win the Championship this year?

- Being only 17-years old, you can still compete in the Junior events. It might be too early to ask, but would you defend the title in the next year Championship?

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