The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster
  • ???? PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - Fully illustrated chord diagrams make it accessible to pianists of all levels and ages. It’s the perfect practice aid and a great gift.
  • ???? ACCOMPANYING MADE EASY - All 24 Major & Minor chord sets (including all inversions of the chord) give you everything you need to play chords to any song.
  • ???? SONGWRITING & COMPOSITION - Take the mystery out of choosing chords to accompany your melody by having them all right in front of your keyboard.
  • ???? ESSENTIAL MUSIC THEORY - Learn the fundamentals of chords, how to write chords to a song, and the notation used in writing chord progressions.
  • ???? OVER 5000+ COPIES SOLD - A1 size (33.1 x 23.4 inches / 841 x 594 mm). Printed on 170gsm gloss paper. Folded to A4 and shipped in an envelope.
$ 11.99

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