Queen Elizabeth II Side Portrait Necklace
  • Queen Elizabeth II Layered Coin Necklace: This pendant coin necklace features a timeless side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. On the back face of the coin, you will find a vintage 1945 dos pesos Mexican coin design. This set also includes a shorter link necklace.
  • Versatile: This necklace set is versatile and can pair with any outfit. Wear the necklaces together for a classy layered look. Or, wear them separately for understated beauty.
  • The Perfect Gift: This necklace set makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Or, order for yourself if you are looking for the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.
  • ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: Large Necklace Length: 18" - Small Necklace Length: 16" - Queen Elizabeth II Coin Diameter 18mm - Short Necklace Link Length: 10mm - Material: Gold Plated / Silver Plated Stainless Steel
$ 24.99

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