Molecular Model Kit Biochemistry
  • ORGANIC CHEMISTRY MOLECULAR MODEL KIT: Educational models for organic, inorganic, ochem, and functional groups chemistry learning. Organic Chemistry Model kit designed for balancing chemical equations, advanced science learning. Great for organic structures, cyclic compounds, and biology models.
  • HANDS ON LEARNING: 124 piece molecular model set, including 54 atoms and 70 bonds, provides hands on ball and stick activity to students from grades 7 up to Graduate Level studies to visually demonstrate molecular geometry and structure of compounds & other bond types. Organic Chemistry molecular model student set makes learning o chem 3D models or atomic structures fun and interactive.
  • MOLECULAR SCIENCE IN 3D: Molecular Model Kit includes pieces of atom centers, bonds, and orbitals for assembly and disassembly tool for removing bonds, inorganic molecules, general empirical formula representations, organic structures, and other concepts of inorganic and organic chem.
  • QUALITY CARRYING CASE TO TAKE ANYWHERE: Made from high quality durable materials designed for easy construction and perfect fit. These Molecular Model Kit pieces are color coded to national standards for easy ID. Organic Chemistry Model Kit includes box for easy storage and transport with your other textbooks, notes, and books. Excellent for the classroom.
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We strive to make the best and most convenient molecular modeling kit you've ever used.. That's why our molecular models modeling kit comes with 100% money back warranty
$ 17.17

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