Jābir ibn Ḥayyān’s Corpus

Important book on the original Arabic Medieval Texts and Manuscripts on the journey from alchemy to chemistry. The book distills the most important ideas on chemical operations, experimentations, and apparatuses into concise and coherent writing style.
The author should be commended for his patience for such a long-term research project producing an invaluable volumes as source of knowledge that is so much needed for understanding the Arabic scientific establishment of chemistry and the role of Jabir ibn Hayyan in science and philosophy of science.
As you explore the key ideas in “Jabir ibn Ḥayyān’s Corpus” and the empirical method of Jabir that continue to shape our scientific endeavor, you will develop your own ideas on the contribution of the Arabic chemistry to the field. You will discover the impact of Jabir on the course of developing chemistry; method and instruments in the Latin world.
This book is highly recommended.

$ 9.99

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