Chimborazo Ecuador Art Poster
  • This art print is also available with frame and as canvas picture on stretcher.
  • Brilliant, durable art print in 12-colour digital printing on matt premium paper.
  • Friedrich Alexander Humboldt / Mount Chimborazo Ecuador from Le Costume Ancien et Moderne Volume II plate 3 by Jules Ferrario engraved by Paolo Fumagal
  • Paper Size: 35.4x21.7 inch / 90x55 cm, Motive size: 24.4x20.1 inch / Landscape Format - Custom-Made Product
  • Kunst für Alle Gallery - fine art posters, postcards, paintings, glass pictures, wall frames, canvas prints, reproductions (digital giclee image). Old Masters and modern artworks for living room, lounge, childrens bedroom, conservatory, kitchen, office.
$ 49.90

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