Math Whiz Priyanshi Somani On How Her Love For The Subject Made Her Win Her 1st 100 Rupees
22.02.2021 Apeksha Bagchi
Child ProdigyMathematics
Priyanshi Somani Priyanshi Somani

We engaged in conversation with child prodigies who inked their name on the list of Wonder Kids with their groundbreaking feats. But ever wonder what these geniuses, blessed with determination and zeal, are up to now? Did their discoveries go on to attain even greater heights? Well, curiosity is no sin, why not know a little something about their after-fame journey?

“We have a mathematics class today!” *instant sweating triggered*

Those tiny little numbers and their deathly calculations… *shudders* so you can easily imagine my amazement when an 11-year-old attained the title of a mental calculator for performing with 100% accuracy, in Addition, Multiplication, and Square Root to date in all four Mental Calculation World Cups. It was the year 2010, and I was getting ready to somehow survive my math paper on the 10th boards.

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