At 15, Indian-American Tanishq Abraham becomes a biomedical engineer
16.03.2021 Think Change India
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Tanishq Abraham

Fifteen-year-old Indian American Tanishq Abraham is the youngest to become a bio-medical engineering graduate. Tanishq graduated from the University of California, Davis and has passed out with the highest honors of 'summa cum laude' - an academic level of distinction used by educational institutions and it signifies that a degree that was earned "with the highest honor".

Tanishq has designed a unique device, which reduces the complication while measuring the heartbeat of a burnt patient. The device is designed to measure the heartbeat of a patient, without any physical contact, according to NDTV.

On the day of his graduation, Tanishq’s mother Taji Abraham, who is a doctor of veterinary science said, "It was the best Father’s day gift for my husband and also my dad”. Her husband Bijou Abraham is a software engineer and the family hails from Kerala.
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